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4" ED refractor vs 6" reflector

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Refractors will give better contrast and the eye is more responsive to contrast then to brightness.

So the result could easily be that the refractor would result in seeing more.

The object viewed will also have to be taken into account to an extent.

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Well it might possibly show more C.A. ...but only at high powers :)

Can you define more what please?

& are you comparing with a cheap as chips 6"newt or with an all singing dancing 1/10pv super duper coatings newt?

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Aperture always wins with deep sky objects. On planetary details I think the results could vary depending on the observing conditions - on really good nights, assuming the newtonian's collimation was spot on, the newt would show a bit more contrast and detail. On poor nights the refractor might be better.

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Straight Out the box,no modification, i'd go with the el-cheapo newt on dso's at a good dark site.

From a not quite so dark site, pretty close call i'd say on dso's, It's a contrast thing.

A bit of diy on the newt should tip the balance though.

My 120st walks all over my standard 150newt for dso from the back garden(edge of town location), if i ever get round to completing the "project" the newt should end up blasting the ST well & truly into the weeds. :)

& Just for the record a typical light grasp figure for a standard 150mm newt works out at approximately the equivalent of a "perfect" 120mm refractor when you figure in reflection losses & central obstruction....not that a perfect refractor exists mind;)


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The refractor will not show more, but it will be trouble free and better for wide angle viewing. The advantage of a 6" reflector will not be that much, but from about 8" up reflectors win because refractors are unaffordable. The 4" refractor will be more expensive, but buy it if you can afford it...

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