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How to set my mount and telescope up properly

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hi i have a 250pds with an NEQ6 mount and heres how i do it.

firstly i set the mount up, point it north using a compass (as best as i can), next i level the mount off using the leg extensions. then set my lat (i'm 52degrees north)

then i put the counter weights on the bar, next i put the ota on ( i leave the tube rings on as its easier to set up that way), then i unlock the RA clutch and get the scope and weights horizontal and slide the weights so the scope is balanced in RA.

then i lock the RA clutch and unlock the DEC clutch and balance that out by either slidind the scope in the tube rings to reach balance or by slidint the mounting bar forward or back which everone will require less movement.

i can heve it all done inside 10 mins and i've only done it 3 times. it might not be the correct way to do it but it all seems fine enough for me,

i hope that helps and hopefully someone else will be along to tell you if thats the right way of doing it


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oh i dont know if you've tried yet but if you have some free time and cloudy skies just have a few goes at setting up and balancing, i did it a few times and it makes it much easier to do in the dark if you know what your doing.

also if you can make a mental note of how the scope is sitting in the tube rings when its all balanced out, this will make it easier to judge where to sit the scope in the rings the next time, i use a bit of insulation tape on the scope just after where the back scope ring is, hardly any balancing in DEC, after i did that.

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