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EQ5 Mount Question

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I spent the majority of last night setting up my new SW Exp 200P and EQ5 Mount, the trouble i have is that I am completly new to this so only had the instruction book to follow.

The instruction book showed a different type of accessory tray to the one I had and also didn't mention anything about the t-lock keys that are for the altitude alignment.

I have set it up to what I think is correct but I can't get the altitude any higher than 38 (does it need to go higher and if so how?)

Also, should the whole mount be able to rotate 360 degrees around from the North Symbol at the front of the tripod - I can only turn it to 10 & 2 o'clock positions...?

Apart from that I think I am up and running, I just need to wait till the weekend to sort out the finder scope alignment. In the mean time, if we get a clear sky this week I will just point and hope!

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It should go up to around 52 degrees. Loosen one T-bolt and tighten the other till you see it going up. You are trying to make the mount axis point at the pole star. Once in place the RA/Dec clutches can then be loosened to point the ota anywhere in the sky. Then lock in position with the clutches once on or near your object. It wont turn in azimuth though. You'll soon get used to how it moves after a bit of practise. :)

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On the tripod there is a spigot post in line with the N. Undoo the two horizontal bolts at the base of the mount and place the mount on the tri-pod over the spigot with the polar axis pointing towards the N. You should then be able to tighten up the two horizontal bolts so it clamps down on the spigot. Then tighten up the clamp underneath the tri-pod head to secure the mount to the tripod

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Its easier to adjust the altitude up to 50+ degrees if you take off the scope and weights. You could remove both bolts and manually move the mount so that you can see how far it moves - then replace the two bolts and set it up properly.

BTW the two altitude bolts are prone to bending so don't force them!! - They are perfectly good enough to do the job, just take it easy!

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