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To lube, or not to lube?

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Hi all, looking for a bit of advice.

Having had quite a few issues with threads on t-adaptors, extension tubes, off axis guiders and now filters too - "binding" I'm wondering if a bit of lube of some kind might help.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not nipping these things up too tightly, but I am finding that once I've screwed something like my t-ring onto the OAG, I'll come back to it a few days later and it'll be a nightmare to get undone again without damaging something.

These are all fine t-style and filter threads from different manufacturers - which I guess will contribute to binding issues, not to mention temperature differences between when I assembled them and later come to attempt to unscrew them.

As such, a v.thin smear of something on these threads seems appropriate - but don't want to risk getting the stuff near anything optical either via touch or evaporation.

So, is it a good idea? If so, what sort of lube works best? (Am currently thinking a dab of something silicone based might be best.)

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The slightest smear of shoe polish (don't laugh!) works very well..it doesn't melt and go everywhere. Your choice of colour.:)

The other thing you should consider is adding a 35 x 1.0mm Oring onto the threads...this prevents them absolutely locking up and gives some fine positioning control when adding cameras etc.

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