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8" Dob and Web Cam

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To go with a Skyliner 200 Dob, I'm I correct in thinking that I could get some ok images using a Philips SPC880 using image stacking software. Was thinking Moon and Planets. I understand that although the subject will be moving across the field of view (due to the manual non tracking mount), the software can handle this. Could the webcam also be used to view on a laptop screen instead of throught the eye piece. Thought this would be usefull to show my children as they are also becoming interested and would be easier if we could all look at the same picture at the same time.

Finally, reading previous post Morgans appears to be the place to go for the webcam. I can also see that they sell a filter Cheap IR/UV Blocking Filter 1.25 inch - 48765 - discounts & offers=

Is this required for use with the SPC880 or can you start without one.


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Not used my webcam on my 200p dob yet but did use it on another scope. The webcam is connected to your laptop to capture video and is viewed live to focus and align so yes you can show the kids a live feed. The saved avi are then stacked and the software allows for a moving target and builds up an overlay of the best bits so you can save this as a still image.

I did not get the filter you mention but I did have a moon filter for visual use which I used. My avatar is made using the above and was my first capture.


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