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DIY solution for glasses wearers?


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Like many? glasses wearers I've been finding it awkward stroke annoying to be constantly taking my glasses on and off when switching between finder and scope. Particularly on cold nights when the beanie hat covers my ears, so... I decided to try and find a better solution.

Not wanting to end up squinting like Sir Patrick bless him I thought glasses that have no arms called pince nez (French for pinch nose) would be ideal. The trouble is finding modern day pince nez is near impossible, but I did notice on eBay that you can buy very cheaply, old/antique pairs and thought "maybe I can convert some".

Enter eBay pince nez at £2.50 plus £2.00 postage which you can see here stripped down.


and the cheapest pair of prescription rimless glasses I could find (goggles4u.com £18.34 all in) These came with a multi tool spanner/miniature screwdriver thingy which made disassembly a breeze **Most important, the lenses need to be CR39 plastic, not glass!**


The lens edges were a bit thick and the screw hole a tiny bit too far in for the pince nez frame so a bit of grinding (hence the plastic lens choice) was required, not very pretty but much smaller in real life than the picture and mostly covered by the frame clamps.


And the almost finished article, just needing a thin chain of some sort so they can dangle when not in use.


Time frame for all of this, pince nez a few days, glasses about 3 weeks followed by about an hour stripping down and rebuilding.

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I just do not wear my glasses while at the scope, it saves all that hassle.

Problem for me is I 'need' to wear the glasses to use the finder or I can't see a thing past it, but prefer not to use them for the scope itself where I can focus just fine without them.

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Great idea, but may depend on your particular perscription. I'm no expert, but my other half worked in an optician, when you see the dispenser at the opticians one of the measurements taken is the distance between your pupils, this may not matter for some people but for others it could lead to difficulties. May be a better idea would be to use an old pair of wire frames remove the sides and modify the bridge to grip better?


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