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M81 despite clouds and wind


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I managed to get a few subs before the clouds completely rolled in on Saturday night. Last night it was a bit windy so lost half of the subs.

Processing is a bit pants, since I'm still using photoshop elements 5, and Pixinsight LE. When funds allow I'll upgrade to the full PixInsight :). The colour gradients I am getting are a bit annoying now!

Scope is the Vixen VC200L at F6.4, Sbig ST-8300M, Baader colour filters on a Vixen GPDX with SS2KPC.

6 minute subs, RGB only. Total 150mins.


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Good Image, thanks for posting it, M81 is hard to get good.

If you don't like you're processing software, may I suggest Iris.

It's relatively manual and command line driven but it includes some powerful commands, and you can write scripts so once you've mastered a good sequence you can save it.

I find some of the various aligment algorithums very competent and I love the deconvolution to get the FWHM down.

best bit is it's free!

Iris software



oh and the 'consol' is on the




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