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M101 - elusive!


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Ye gods! I can't see this thing in the ep - only my camera can see it.

We've just had two consecutive clear nights down here, which must be some sort of record. Sat night/Sun morning I spent six hours outside and ended up with 18 usable 90 sec subs, having spent hours looking for this thing and then had all sorts of technical issues. Sun night/Mon morning I was knackered so set up my laptop to take 30 sec subs (that's all you can do remotely with old Nikons!), ending up with 80. This is the result. First iteration, many more to follow no doubt!

Not sure if it looks a bit forced - your comments and advice would be welcome. Cheers guys.

200p/EQ5 unguided

Nikon D70 full spectrum at prime focus, iso 1600

18 x 90sec, 78 x 30 sec subs (just over the hour)

A selection of darks, flats and bias


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Thats a good result very nice image , had a go myself but was having trouble finding it in the sky lol i'm the same as you my scope cannot see this object so its quite tricky guess ill be having another few attempts .

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Thanks guys. I've put this through DSS again using 2xdrizzle as it's cropped quite a bit (being very small as well as totally invisible!). I'll post the result when I've had time to process it. Very "labour" intensive this crazy hobby.


my scope cannot see this object so its quite tricky guess ill be having another few attempts
I posted a star hopping diagram on this thread to find this object - scroll down a bit: http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-deep-sky/131685-trouble-finding-m101-pinwheel-galaxy.html#post1717509 Edited by namreg
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