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If you stand back and squint...

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Hi all,

Here's my first attempt at the Horse head and Flame nebula.

This is my 3rd DSO target so I'm quite chuffed. If you stand back and quint you might be able to see the horsehead. The flame is a bit clearer.

This image is 100 x 40s at ISO 800


How long do I need before the detail actually shows clearly? Didn't realise how faint this target is.... or is it not faint? Is 1 hour of data not seen as a lot for DSLR imaging?

Also, the edges of the image are blurred slightly (like top right shown). Is this normal?



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1 hour is a fair chunk but the issue is the sub length. Im new to this myself but I think because your subs are limited to 40s you are not recording a lot of light or signal at a time to get any great detail.

Really nail your polar alignment and you should be able to get subs of a couple of minutes which will really help.

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So ...the Camera with the adaptors end up with a 2" Pushfit adaptor?

If this is the case its important to maek sur ethe camera is sitting square to the focuser when you tighten it up...

It is easier to achieve this if the focuser is on the top of the tube and the scope level and let gravity help...

I suspect the camera is at a slight angle which is why the stars get more and more elongated from the bottom to the top of the image... (if you have posted the full frame that is.. if its a crop then.....)

On some drawtubes the 2" pushfit adaptor can be removed to give a t-thread... for instance Skywatcher call this "Direct Connect"...

Wherever possible its better to use threaded connections as these tend to keep everyhthing "square"...


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