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Galaxies: Modified 1000D or Unmodified 550D


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Hello everyone,

My astrophotography camera is an Astronomizer modified 1000D which has had the filter removed. My daytime camera is a much more capable 550D as as much as I would hate to expose it to dew and dust, is there any advantage in using a more modern unmodified camera over the older modified one when imaging galaxies, star clusters or other non-HII objects?

Clearly galaxies have HII regions but the 550D is a better camera. Would using a 550D on galaxies be worth it?

Specifications 550D vs. 1000D

Sensor resolution: 18 Megapixels vs. 10 Megapixels

Sensor size: 22.3x14.9mm vs. 22.2 x 14.8mm

Max light sensitivity: ISO 6400 vs. ISO 1600

Weight: 530grams vs. 450grams

And subjectively - the 550D is known for having much less noise than the 1000D.


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Well it's got to be worth giving the 550D a try.

I would expect the 550D to be better overall (noise/resoloution/sensitifity etc) and the Ha should still be good enough for galaxies. (I remember picking up Ha from M82 in my first every post with an unmodded 1000d). There will be other benefits such as using liveview on iso 6400 setting should make setting up on faint targets much easier.

Others here will know much more. I remember similar threads on Canon comparisons.

EDIT P.S. Coincidentally there is another thread here http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/132513-dslr-cameras.html that suggests the 550d may not be suited. That is quite a surprise. Be worth a try to see if you agree with the findings?

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Well, lucky! crystal clear today, around 0c, and autoguiding shuold be working. with some luck, well, lot of it, i can try long exposure today with the 550D at a higher temp, and we'll see how it turns out... :)

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