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I hope I've not damaged my HEQ5 mount!!!

Andrew INT

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Since Friday night was pretty clear, I decided to set up the telescope and leave it to do some imaging of M81 and M82.

The plan was to bottle feed baby (giving wife a bit of a break) at 10pm, go to bed for a little while and get up for the next feed at 2am. The idea was that I'd then have four hours worth of wonderful images...

The reality was that I slept through until 3am (when baby wanted feeding), only to find that the telescope had been hitting a tripod leg for about two hours.

I think it is still all working okay. Has anyone done this to their mounts before...and did it damage anything? :)

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Thanks all - its good to know that I'm not the only idiot :))

Hey Ed - I agree. However, until baby can go through a full night without feeding I have to make do.

We had a saying in the army - "pain is nature's way of telling you that you’re still alive."

Maybe dark adapted vision and frozen fingers is nature’s way of telling you you're an astronomer!

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