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M3 with polar mis-alignment


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As for many others, last night was my first clear night for ages so I fancied something simple. I love viewing globulars so with M3 just over the trees to my East, I thought that would be perfect.

I have had a real tough week at work last week and it seems to have turned my brain to mush. SO with the scope outside and the tripod spotted on my North aligned paving stones I spent a good 5 minutes on my knees in the mud twiddling about making sure Polaris was dead on in the reticule of my polar scope. The only problem was that I completely forgot about tipping the axis over to right date a time, so I very precisely polar mis-aligned my mount ready for the nights works. The subs looked fine on the camera out in the cold and dark, but less spectacular on the big screen. I stacked the best ones just to see what I could get out and now even the focus looks off.

In hindsight, I should have just gone to bed and not worried about the clear sky. Oh well...


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