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Hot Pixels?

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Hey all, just received my LX modded SPC900 with AMP off and tried it out in my room in the dark, yes its working but im really worried about some of the pixels as they come out a different color which will screw up my astro shots?..

The shots were 5secs to 1 min.. but even the 5 sec shot the pixels were there!





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Hot pixels are normal some sensors have more some have less. You will take a dark frame video at the same exposure say 10-15 exposures and put it in Regx and it will calibrate your lights so hot pixels will disappear. I use an uncooled Mintron which has hundreds of hot pixels far more than you have and they are all removed without trace with Registax. Good luck.


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Even if you don't have a proper dark you can 'disappear' them easily in Ps.

Just zoom in, use the colour select tool to select them then, Filters-Noise-Median

and the offenders will be set to an average value of their neighbours. All very easy.


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