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Stupid Guider (Lodestar) Question


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Hi guys...I have what is probably a daft question here....

Can a guider (lodestar) guide through a diagonal?

I've just managed to get setup to test the kit out before heading to Kielder and I realised I can't get focus on the lodestar straight through. If I run it through the diagonal will it know to reverse movement directions?

Or do I need to try and get someone to deliver me a 1.25" extension tube to the campsite?

Sorry for the panic...still got loads to pack!

Thanks in anticipation...Michael :)

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Cool thanks guys....panic over.

Will probably try and pick up an extension tube anyway so there's leas in the optical path, but at least I now know it will work.

Much respect for quick replies....


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The autoguiding calibration will sort out how the image is orientated.... so you can plug it in pretty much anything. I found I had a 1.25" C-count adapter with a rim on to hold the thing otherwise I'd be looking for a spare barlow for butchering as Helen is doing....



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Great suggestion guys...will look out for a cheap Barlow. My powermate is 2" so won't fit the focuser on my guide scope...still I'm after a cheap ep set for outreach events an that may include a cheap Barlow I can adapt...cheers.

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