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jupiter with moon


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This is my first image of Jupiter using a celestron neximage solar system imager through a 10" skywatcher flextube auto dob. Processed imaged with registax. Was quite pleased how it turned out as it just captured one of the moons.



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aztecastroMcj. ive just been looking at your album. Fantastic images. were those jupiter images taken with a 127 mak?? that must be a good scope. would a 180 mak produce better images than the 127?


hi thx for compliments,

yes the 180 Mak would outperform the 127 Mak

Maks r great for planets and moon esp, seem to give more contrast image,

problem is over 5" size they are quite expensive and take longer to cool than equilalent SCT,

nearly all the best planetary imagers are using either C11 or C14 with rich using recent HD versions, which have mixed reviews,

other top planetary imagers are using 10" - 16" Newtonians,

if i had to advise option for imaging Planets it would be C11 for ease of use and Value,

theres some great pics on here by Kokatha man and Riklaunim using C11 recently on Saturn


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