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Orion Nebula in a 12"


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Blimey. Didn't think it would look as good as that! I only have a small window on the southern sky from the back garden so have been waiting for a combination of a clear sky and Orion in that slot in the sky (almost due South). Last night it happened.

I did see Orion once or twice with my old 6" scope, and the nebula was easily visible. But I wasn't expecting such a difference with the extra aperture. The shape was so well defined. It was all blue in colour but the contours were really sharply defined. Almost photo quality. I viewed it at 48x and 60x magnification and it was good at both. I have heard it holds magnification well, but I didn't want to go indoors to get another EP so I made do with what I had.

The area around M1 was packed with stars, and the supernova remnant stood out like a sore thumb. This really highlighted for me how much light pollution plays a part. Last time I looked at M1 with this scope it was visible, but nothing like as much. It was at a similar height above the horizon, but it was in the East - towards the Telford light dome. Whereas last night it was in the South South West where there are no significant towns until Cardiff, which is probably 80 miles away.

More clear nights please. It felt good to be out again.

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Yes clear dark sky makes a difference! I was looking at those same objects last night in my 4" refractor - and not as spectacular a view as your but the crab was visible ok but a smudge about the size of a small finger nail. Orion neb was a fine sight, even with this aperture - A lovely translucent GLOW!


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