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Help please! My first M42 & Running Man image


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Please help! :hello2:not the best image :rolleyes:, but only my second image of M42, but the first one with the running man in it. taken last night. would love to see more colours and detail.

Hoping you can help.


bob :eek:

Orion 150 6"

Canon 300d

800 asa

20 subs 60 seconds

darks as above

20 bias 1/4000th sec

stacked in DSS

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Hi Bob

nicely cpatured..

DSS stacked images will need a Saturation boost to give them more vibrant colors ...

This wants to be done (like all processing) whilst the image has the greatest "color depth" ... what Program are you using for post processing...?

If its CS or supports 16 bit per channel images then you can do it in that... if not your may be better off doing a bit more of the initial processign in DSS you can do this in DSS once the stacking process is completed and before saving the image..


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Hi All:hello2:

many thanks for all your help on this image....i salute u:icon_salut:

Have just bought pixinsight....ouch:confused: and have a lot to learn:icon_scratch:

here's my first quicky effort, just to reduce the LP.



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nice capture, and for a 2nd attempt - wow. im no expert on the processing side. getting rid of the LP is something I can do (very crudely) but bringing out more colour would be nice to know :)

How did you remove the LP?

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Looks like a nice image there. PI has definitely done the trick with the LP. The core looks slightly blown so you could maybe composite a single, shorter, exposure to bring more detail back.

I like the composition as well.

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Bob, I had a bit of a play around, hope you like.

A bit of a funny purple glow n the top left, but did pull the levels hard, i didnt use photo shop, but could have gotten rid of it with that.


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Ill pm you what i used, but it did look better on the netbook that at work :) looks really quite bad at work :p... But with better skills than i have at processing there is more to pull out of it.

As peter said, with DSS the image is unsaturated... So first of all bring up the levels so it stats showing detail, RGB, and then saturate the picture so it brings out the colour... Ill have another look tonight and pm you.

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Hi Pook

LP removed with pixinsight. cost about £150...ouch! but hopefully if i can get lots of imaging done, then it will be well worth it!



I've got a trial version of Pixinsight, but can't work out how to remove LP. Can you help?

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