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Hello from Sussex


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Hi everyone,

I've been asking a lot of google recently and it always seems to bring me here so I thought it'd only be polite to sign up.

I've been sky watching for a while mainly just with my eyes but occasionally binoculars and decided to get a telescope a few weeks back. With the help of a couple of shops I bought a Bresser Lyra (before doing all the things I should have done like learning the sky etc..) and have tried it out a few times just randomly looking around at the moon and stars. Tried for Saturn tonight with little success but having fun all the same.

Anyway, enough rambling, good to meet all you (hopefully patient) folk. Expect many foolish questions in the near future :rolleyes:

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Hi V-nec and welcome to SGL :rolleyes:

I'm still waiting for the joy of saturn it usually rises to late for me at the moment it doesn't clear the houses till gone midnight and like last night I am usually to cold by then. lol

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

You don't have to learn the sky BEFORE you buy a scope, you can do it in any order you like and some might argue that because you now have a reason to go and find objects, that this alone will help you learn the sky better.:rolleyes:

Clear skies for your future 'learning'!


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Hi and thanks to all. I probably should have said that I'm Mike.

I downloaded Stellarium earlier and am confident I was looking in the right place for Saturn and think I know what I was doing wrong so hoping for clear skies and another go tonight. Learned a lot of constellations anyway so it was a productive night.

Thanks again for the welcome.

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