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First Light - at last !


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After what seems likes weeks waiting to use my new kit the gods ,were kind and after a wet morning the day brightened and the skies cleared. as dusk approached got the scope set up and aligned to the North via compass and waited for my eyes to adjust to the oncoming darkness.

First sight was Jupiter, sitting nicely in the western sky, could see no bands etc and put that down to air over birmingham (to the west of me) - but still happy to sight it. Next I moved to Orion, working down from Betelgeuse, to the belt and down to his sword, viewed M42 , nice and clear with visible nebula.

On to the Pleiades (M45) and a beautiful sight for poor old eyes.

stayed viewing for a good hour, then inside for a cup of tea and shot of GTN (my heart doesn't like icy cold air). Out again just in time to see the ISS go sailing on its serene way over Orion a great first nights viewing.

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