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Dew problems help

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I can see i am going to have a problem with dew on my new Meade 8" LS scope, I can't seem to find a dew shield for it, is there a generic one available. Also considering the electronic option as well.

Advise would be greatly appreciated. Did see one from the states that looked good.



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Yes i have a roll of the stuff that they use for yoga matting and best part is its black. But even better is i pulled it out of a skip for free LOL. Iv made a couple of dew shields and also lined a nice travel box fot a Celestron SCT 8 inch ans still got a few meters left..It sticks together great like neoprean Once its stuck its stuck so making the dew shild a fraction smaller than the tube is great and makes it fit snugly to the scope


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ive been trying to get suggestions on watts used eetc for electric dew heater,as i reckon a cheap alternative would be getting a vivarium heater,there are differant types,one i m lookig at is a heated cord,that if i find right wattage 14w prehaps,and wrap roend scope,google vivarium heaters and get advice on theme before you do it tho,just in case thers a problem i havent seen.if i get one i will let you know how it works.this costs £15-24 as apossed to near £100,cant beleive so much is charged for the telescope electrical tape etc,its so basic an item,o well thats western capital opertunism for you!

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Hi Paul

I've just looked on the net , Telescope House has them Orion ones are cheaper and does the same job or the meade make up to you mate

Clear skies




Meade Lx90 ACF 8"

eyepieces ect

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