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Rigel/Telrad & Dob

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Whats the advantage of a Telrad/Rigel on a Dob then?:rolleyes: Don't you get neck ace from using one?

They work on a totally different principle to an optical finder. The provide zero magnification but project (or rather appear to project) a series of dim concentric circles onto the sky which, if the finder is correctly lined up with the scope, show you exactly where the scope is pointing in the sky.

You can position the finders high up on the scope tube to reduce the need for bending but they do only work "straight through". Tele Vue do a right angle version but, predictably, it costs a heck of a lot more :eek:

For many (me included) a Telrad / Rigel Quikfinder is all the finder they need for most observing :)

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In terms of weight and balance, the Rigel is light as a feather and is very unlikely to cause balance problems on your dob. Dunno about the Telrad, I understand it's a bit chunkier than the Rigel but I would be very surprised if it wasn't fine.

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