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Baader hyperion

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Hello everyone

I purchased 3 baader hyperion eyepieces about a month ago




but only used the 13mm once since i bought it, i want to sell it and was thinking maybee it was still worth like £75 it still has all its original packaging.

what do you think? how much is it worth still? oh and i have bin a member on this site for 2 months now and have over 50 posts so would anyone be able to tell me how to locate the buy and sell part of this website?


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High Jed,

Sorry can't comment on what your EP's are worth but as for the buy and sell section it may take "a couple of hours" before your 51st post is recognised. You could try logging off from the forum and them back in again and hopefully it'll appear in the Equipment section.



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Astro gear, like so many things, does depreciate as soon as you use it I'm afraid. A used Hyperion went on on E.Bay a few days ago for £72 so you may get your target asking price if you stress how near to new it is.

I'm surprised you don't use it - I find 13mm a real "work horse" focal length.

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At one month old all three of those are very nice ep's. S/h they'd be worth around 65% of the new price on average and usually go for circa £60-£65. But if I were you I'd keep all three - they are very decent ep's and if you're getting no joy from them then you're doing something not quite right or the scope is naff.

The 200P is a fine scope so my guess is that it needs collimating. Also - you'll eventually find you get a taste for larger objects at some stage. You'll need less magnification to see wider fov's and you'll be glad you kept it. :rolleyes:

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