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Astronomy - Self Teaching Guide

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Astronomy is a multi-dimension hobby. Just looking at the stars, or knowing where to look is just one aspect. You need to develop an understanding of how the night sky revolves, the coordinate systems etc. and gain a background on what you may be looking at and how it fits into the scheme of things.

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Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide Wiley Self-Teaching Guides: Amazon.co.uk: Dinah L. Moché: Books We used to run a 10 week "night school class" for beginners and novices interested in Astronomy. The co

I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Well written, easy progressive stages and a great coverage of all areas of astronomy. Should be sold with every first telescope to the novice!!!

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I have this book and can't put it down. For a rookie this book is a sure way to fast track your knowledge and get you stargazing with confidence that you do actually know something about what you are observing.

It is very comprehensive and would benefit the learned astronomer for revision also. A current favourite on my bookshelf.

If you haven't got it buy it right away!

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Will have to order a copy asap as the reviews on here seem excellent and just the thing i am after as i really want to study astronomy on an in depth level so seems the perfect starting point thanks for the tip off clear skies and good views to all

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The Chapter headings:

Understanding the Starry Sky

Light and Telescope

The Stars

The Sun

Stellar Evolution


The Universe

Exploring the Solar System

The Planets

The Moon

Comets, Meteors and Meteorites

Life on other Worlds

Not much it doesn't cover......

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I got this book a while ago and tend to use it as a reference book.

It has got a lot of information in it & its presented in a manner that makes it easier than some to absorb.

My one criticism is how easy it is to stumble onto the answers, as you read through the chapters and the questions dotted throughout which have the answers right underneath and the set of questions at the end of each chapter which again have the answers right afterwards, sometimes on a page right next to one with questions on. It would have been better to put them all at the back of the book or on a removable supplement you could put somewhere else. Especially if you read like I do (i tend to read a page 2-3 times all over and jump from point to point on the page) it can be a bit of a pain.

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"It's the journey not the destination that's important"

You could well be correct, but knowing the answers is only part of the road of discovery in astronomy...don't you agree?

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Well like I said it's the only problem I can level at the book and while it doesn't detract from the knowledge gained from the text for some of the questions it removes the chance for me to make sure I've fully understood and can answer the question on my own.

These days if I want to do the questions I get a friend to put some of those small post-its over the answers for the section I'm doing just to make sure.

Again I do like the book & think it's very useful and would certainly recommend it

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Actually snagged a copy of this from the local library to serve as a "refresher" for me, since I haven't had my head in the game for 20 years.

Wait, 20 years... is that right?! Cripes, I'm getting old!

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