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Cloudiest Winter ever!

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Well, according to the BBC (south) after the rain over tonight and tomorrow, it ill clear away and be clear from 6pm to 5am Sunday. Sounds like a plan to me ...

Sounds perfect for some dark sky observing.

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Unlikely though it sounds - I actually got a spot of observing done this evening! The only impediment was some wind-wobble (and the neighbours lights grr).

Had a nice little tour around M36, 37 and 38 + my favourites M42 and 45 :rolleyes:



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Mr Fedex delivered the last part of my revised set-up from Bern. So I am all tooled up and ready to do battle with the light pollution.... planning didn't factor in the cloud though. I like the BBC weather forecast, always either promises clear skies or total gloom and usually delivers the latter!

Fingers crossed, at least I have been able to get a good understanding of the kit... so should be able to set-up and start to use it.... so even an hour or so would be worth it.....


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I don't deserve clear skies, I've been a naughty boy and bought a new scope without telling the Mrs. So if you'd like to send your clouds over here to me, feel free. Not all at once though please, so if we can organise some kind of queueing system, first come first served basis that would probably work best.

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