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Skywatcher Synguider problem

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Anyone using a Skywatcher Synguider - I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and tried to use it last night. The unit poweers up ok, you can see the screen is red in colour. However, I find it impossible to read the text or see the star 'screen' without a torch. Has anyone got this problem? the text is there but it is incredibly faint. I have tried different power sources and voltages (6V, 9V, and 12V)all with the same result. Supplier is getting back to me tomorrow, but I would appreciate your opinions. Maybe my eyesight is failing.....


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Thanks to all of your replies. I had another go last night and I find it almost impossible to see the screen info. I have even sat in a cupboard in an attemot to get total blackness, its just about readable, but no good in my light polluted skies. I am seriously thinking of changing it - I notice that the Baader LVI guider has a screen that can be brightness adjusted, and while its more expensive it sounds like a better bet (plus the screen is seperate to the scope).


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Was it particularly cold? LCD screens can be pretty poor in very low temps.

I have use mine synguider at -22C, no problems, coming little bit slower, but not any problems to read. In that temperature celestron cg5-gt hand controller is causing problems, being almost impossible to use sooo..slooooow.

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Having tested this piece of kit, I have to say that the viewing contrast on my review item was absolutely fine. The angle you have to tilt your head to was uncomfortable at times but this had no effect on the viewing quality. What voltage are you running this unit at?

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