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Your opinion on these telescopes

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Ok, so I've been doing my homework and found 2 telescopes that look not only ok for beginners but also a good piece of kit and a good investment. However, I would really value advice/tips/etc from your good selves. Also, am gonna get myself some books from local library today. My budget is £200 max, no more.

Skywatcher Explorer 130M and Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P telescopes and whether these would be good worth while investments for the beginner star gazer.

Wont be buying straight away without doing my own research.

Thanks John though when I do buy my telescope I don't think I'll be wanting to sell it for a good while.

James, what do you mean by parabolic? And are scopes better with or without a motor? I don't know hence asking advice.

Ok but what does parabolic mean? Not sure I'll be taking photos with it?

Ok, James I know nothing about telescopes so if someone could explain what parabilic means, I wouldn't feel like a complete divy lol. Also I do not know if I will use it to take images of stars/planets etc and after investing a large amount of money I wont be selling.

Scouse 123 am not sure about second hand purchases, especially with a piece of kit like a telescope.

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Hi Ailsa and welcome to SGL

Both scopes would be good for a beginner, between the two, the explorer 130m would give better views just because it's light grasp will be greater. As an investment, Skywatcher telescopes are very popular and you should no problem selling it later if you wish to upgrade.

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Can you give us an idea of the budget you have to spend. Looking at posts similar to yours, most recommend the 130P over the 130M.

As John has mentioned, Skywatcher scopes are very popular, and IMO offer excellent value for money

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As the others had said, good make and good prices, the 130p is a little better (better mirror) but if the price is right i would go for the 130, as you can see thats what i got, it started out on a eq2 mount (yuk!) and i paid £130 s/hand, i then later bought a supatrak mount for it (£80) much better to use, then i sold that (same price) and got a goto, now i'm very happy.

Its a good little scope and i think well worth the money

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Is the 130M parabolic? If not, I might be tempted to go for the 130P instead. Depends on whether you think the motor drive is more important, I guess. My scopes aren't motor-driven, so someone else might have to comment on how useful it is.


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Would you use a non-parabolic newt for imaging though? I'm also thinking that the parabolic one would be likely to find more interest should Ailsa want to sell it and upgrade at some point in the future.


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Parabolic is the profile of the mirror.

The mirrors look like the surface is a simple section of a sphere but the better one are a slightly different shape. The better shape being parabolic.

A parabolic mirror will enable more of the collected light to come to the same focal point, so the image is improved.

Motors are easier. You can move a scope by hand but it is easier if a motor is doing it for you. If you intend to spend time looking at any one thing then motors will track the object so it stays in view for longer. Moving the scope by hand interupts the ease of looking.

Usually on astro forums people sell their equipment when the upgrade, as in get a bigger scope. It tends to be well looked after, so generally tends to be a good deal.

You are looking at a 130, within 3 months you will be looking 150's and 200's.

Suggest a 130P with motors to track whatever you are looking at. If they do a 150PL on motors then I would suggest you consider that option as you need not consider upgrade with that arrangement.

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