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coronado Vs lunt


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They both sell scopes of similar size and cost.... One may be slightly more available than the other. Look at reviews, those of Stephen ramsden SOLARSCOPEREVIEWS.COM being a good place to start. You'll be pleased whatever you spend, but do shield your eyes from glare and take tie for your eye to get used to the view to see the most details.


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Lunt has improved to the point where there isn't much to choose between Lunt and Coronado nowadays. I'd consider them tied for second place with Solarscope being in first place. Now if only Solarscope wern't so expensive. :rolleyes:


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You're a great supporter and thank you. To be clear, Im just a dumb ole redneck from Georgia (US not USSR) I use all these scopes constantly all year long and dont treat them kindly...:) Ive been asked my opinion many times and I give it. Take it or leave it, just one mans opinion.

I dont think I am allowed top post any links but if you find me,. I love to talk about solar but I am not formally educated in the subject, just self taught after more than 400 massive setups for outreach and 300,000 students served since 2008...

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Stephen - I followed Peters link to your review site and have to say I was impressed. So much so I am now the happy owner of an LS60Tha 1200PT - largely based on what you had to say about it and your comparisons with other solarscopes. Here's my first review of it : "It's brilliant!!".

I ordered the DS50 too next day after receiving it. So thanks so much for the invaluable info - I owe ya buddy :)

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