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Decision made . . . . . I think!!!!!

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Ok . . Ive finally decided on a set up that will form a solid basis for years to come!

I've decided to go for the 250P DS on an EQ6 with the plan to upgrade to GOTO further down the road. I know its a matter of choice and everytime I search and deliberate my heart always brings me back to this scope. Now I know there are other choices and options and each with their own pros and cons and this scope is no exception but for my choice it's the GOTO route I'd like to explore and I think it's an amazing looking set up! Even in the dark:D

I'll build up my collection slowly and I know my ep's aren't the best available but with a great scope to start with they will start me in the right direction.

I plan to get a power pack and a Cheshire for collimaion and look forward to getting out into the garden to try out the new addition . . . :eek:

Now it's time to get the order in and wait excitedly for the new toy :rolleyes:

Will update as I go along.

A very excited lol boy called Gaz

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Are you sure you have:-

corrolated all the available information

cross referenced and the up grade parts and possibilities

checked the prices as per your start and final destination

had three gulps of air

then you must be ready.

Go for it.\

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Great combination - you won't be disappointed. Do you mean NEQ6? Wish I'd gone for one of those originally as my setup is getting too heavy now. If it is you can add GOTO by using EQMOD.


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I hope so too Olly but i'm sure i wil be :)

Stardad i've done all that 5 times then again just to check :eek:

David it's advertised as just the EQ6 on FLO but i have heard of people recieving the NEQ6 instead...i'll keep my fingers crossed :rolleyes:

Capricorn... i can only apologise :)

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