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SW 250PDS and NEQ6 pro first light


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first of all:D:D:D:D:D

secondly it wasn't the longest first light in the world owing to manflu and clouds:mad: so i'll apologise for it only being a quickie.

Well...... no polar alignment 'cos i couldnt be bothered and havn't got my head around it either yet, so i pop all the info into the sync scan handset and without even star aligning the mount i punch in goto jupiter...... missed but not by much, the level of detail i could make out with the Antares W70 4.7mm ep was amazing, could clearly see 3 of the jovian moons, and 3 dark redis brown bands too.

next is..... yep you guessed it M42! whilst the sun was still setting, i could clearly make out the 4 stars in the trapiezium and some faint nebulosity. i wasn't that impressed if i'm honest but i had another look after it had got properly dark and wow!!!! again all 4 stars in the trapiezium and the nebulosity was clearly visable with a red and greenish hue to it too.

next up was 1 star align, easy enough i thougt then on too the seven sisters with a SW 40mm plossel and i was gob smacked at the detail and clarity too.

then last of all M42 again. amazed again.

Then the clouds rolled in so i packed up. all in all i'm over the moon with my choice, so glad i didnt wade straight into AP, just seeing some of the site's the night sky has to offer is amazing. having said that i did get a T ring for my 1000D so dare say i'll be slaping it on at somepoint to have a play.

Can't wait for a really clear night when i'm not feeling under the weather.

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SNAP! I have just received the same set up from FLO, and I took it out last night for First Light. Jupiter was to far gone for me but M42 cracking.

How do you feel about the need to have the bar extension on? I am considering getting an extra weight so I can shorten the bar.

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I bought the SW 250P DS as I was looking for a dual focuser for the 250P. The price of a good one was nearly the same price as the OTA of the 250P DS which as you known come with a dual focuser.

Basically they have made it slightly shorter (only by about 2cm) to move the point of prime focus further down the focus draw tube for imaging. Also the tube rings a lined with foam/rubber on the inside where they are in contact with the tube. Other than that it's the same great scope.

Hope you enjoy yours,


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I think I am going to strip that foam rubber stuff from inside the tube rings and replace with felt. Even with the rings undone quite a way, I found it had too much friction to rotate the OTA and staying on chosen object in eyepiece.

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