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UFO SPOTTED over west midlands


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Ok now i have your attention,seriously though now,did anyone see those 2 red lights,quite bright travelling west to east-ish at 7.04pm tonight.

They were seperated the same distance from each other and travelling at quite some speed compared to usual civil airliners from one horizon to the other.

Now im not daft and i now there not aliens,but they are unidentified.

I am curious to find out what they were,any suggestions.

Deffo didnt look like aircraft,well not civil as i have not ever seen lights like it before.

Thanks Gaz:)

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Actually joking apart. You have reminded me of something I saw back in the early 90's when I lived in the darker skies of the Borders. Around the same time as you, 7pm interestingly enough, must have been winter time as it was pitch black. 2 red lights, one following the other at about a one second interval. Must have crossed the entire sky south to north in oh.. 2 seconds! :eek:

I was used to the RAF training over my house at all hours.. low enough to clearly see the pilots sometimes in daylight.. without a scope!! But this was different, there was no sound at all and travelling a lot faster than a Tornado. My first thought was tracer fire! That's what it looked like, coming towards me and over my head, but at a consistent speed.. never seen anything like it before or since... :rolleyes:

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OMG - we did

Wife was walking back from the chip shop with the tea.. she phoned me to take a look out the front of the house as there were three orange / red lights not flashing heading from W to E. all moving at the same speed keeping the same distance between each of them. I went out the front and looked out and your are right, moving faster than normal aircraft, able to watch them for around two minutes...before they faded and disappeared.

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The thing was that there were other aircraft in the area and all could be identified by the way the anti-collision lights made them pulsate - these were larger, red and didn't flash in any way... and faster than other aircraft in the sky - plus living on the flight path into Luton airport, we get to see lots of aircraft !

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Ok here's something to ponder... it seems that these lights were all seen around the same time from both the south (me in Hertfordshire), Alimac in Nottinghamshire, and Gaz in Staffs - so they must of been either very large, very high or both !

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Wifey seen another one tonight, traveling east to west approx at around 9:10pm

Same thing, a circular red, non pulsing light, moving faster than most aircraft at similar altitude (quite high up) - anyone else notice anything ??

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