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Eye Piece help


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Hi All,

Am struggling, I've got a skywatcher 150p and a 25mm eye piece but I can figure out what others to go and get.

I mainly do deep sky (or try to) and also a bit of planets but the other half looks at the moon a lot through the scope. I also wear glasses so need a decent amount of relief on the EP.

Anyone got any advise on what to go for?

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If you are into deep sky you won't need high power eyepiece. Your 25mm gives your around 30x on your scope. I'd tempted to replace it with a Hyperion 24mm for larger AFOV and better optics. Also consider the Hyperion 17mm and 10mm for higher power.

If you get a 2x Telextender, it would give you 12mm, 8.5mm and 5mm with that set of Hyperions which should cover you for moon and planets.

Of course, if you can stretch your budget, Televues, Vixens and Pentax make some good but expensive eyepieces.

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8, 10, 12, 15 mm will cover the are to give you about 100x-80x which should give reasonable fields of view and not over power the scope. Start with 8 and 12 for a spread with the 25 you have. Add others later.

For eye relief the palnetary eyepieces are pretty good, think that sky's the limit sell a fair selection at decent prices and have a good name in these circles.

At least with them you can add shorter ones if you want to as planetary's tend to have a good selection of focal lengths.

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