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Arrival of SW 250 PX Dob


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Hi All,

Over the last few weeks I have sought and received great some advice regarding the purchase of a 10 or 12" Dobson reflector.

The decision on a SW 250PX was the choice I made with regard to weight of everything and cost.

Since ordering a week ago, it finally arrived lunch time to-day.

Just finished putting it together,collimation was almost spot on as well.Still a bit stiff on the azimuth movement and have not over tightened the central bolt but it shoud hopefully break in nicely.

Very impressed with the altitude bearing handle for controlling the scope in declination.

Fingers crossed it will see first light this evening,the clouds are finally giving way.:rolleyes:

Thanks again to all for your words of wisedom.

Here's a few pics of the scope.






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Thanks Guys,

It was worth the wait for this to arrive as the skies had cleared by 5pm after a bleak week.

Set up and got some great views of Jupiter at x 120,when the scope had cooled down,though Jupiter was getting low and just above neighbours houses by then.

After that, and when it had got dark enough I started in the western sky on DSO's working my way around to the east.Must have viewed in the region of a couple of dozen DSO's altogether.

The seeing conditions were okay and best view of the night was the detail picked up on the Orion Nebula using a UHC filter also picked out 5 stars in the trapezium at a higher magnification without the filter.This was something I never achieved with my old homemade 10" Dob.

Andromeda Galaxy and companion M110 were good views in the eyepiece but conditions were not good enough towards the west to see M32 & M33 with the scope.

I then spent a while on a few Winter open clusters including the Double cluster,M34,35,36,37,38,Beehive and Pleiades.

Moved onto M1 and favorite Winter PN, the Eskimo nebula, it took high power very well,(x240) before I started on the galaxies in Leo that was by now risng high in the east and seeing conditons had improved.

In Leo had good views of galaxies and with the help of a LPR filter and at x57 managed nine in total.

M65,66 and NGC 3628 (Leo triplet) were a fine view in the eyepiece and with high power on M65 &66 individually some hints of detail was seen in the structure.

Didn't get to see M81 & 82 due to were I had set up but did finish off with M97 Owl PN and M108 galaxy.

Also failed to see Saturn, even though it had risen, it was still obscured for me.

Probably the longest viewing session I had undertaken since the days of my old dob in the late 90'' and early 00's.

Since then, it had been short sessions with binoculars or the Tal 100RS on the planets/moon.

The SW 250PX dob has been worth the wait and every pound spent on it.I'm glad to say it is more manageable than I had expected with early concerns I had of weight issues.

Its the right choice for me over the SW 300mm /Meade LB 300mm I originally had planned to purchase.

Roll on Spring for the Virgo Galaxies.:rolleyes:


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