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Hi Guys

Been at it for 6 months now. Started with Nexstar 6se and now have 8. I bought the celestron kit and also had a 35mm that came with 6 se. My new 8i has a 8-24mm zoom.

To goto the next level what eyepieces would you recomend if any.

Should I keep zoom & sell kit and buy 1 or 2 high quality pieces.



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I'd stick with what you have at the moment.

You'll probably find you only end up using regularly two or three of the eyepieces. When you get to the stage where you start to recognise their limitations...then's the time to upgrade.

Start saving the money now.....really good eyepieces are never cheap.

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Baader Hyperion will be a nice upgrade from the plossl in the kit. Televue or Pentax will be the next level up.

TMB planetary and WO SPL will do a good job if you need a high power long eye relief eyepiece on a budget.

If you have no budget constraint, the astronomically priced TV Ethos, Nikon NAV-HW will probably satisfy the most demanding observers.

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I'd say x200 or x250 would be your maximum magnification. So if you already have a 10mm or an 8mm eyepiece in the set - that will get you there.

A barlow and a 20mm or 16mm eyepiece would just give you the same magnification but with probably a bit better eye relief ( you don't have to have your eye so close to the end of the eyepiece)

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Best I would offer is (budget allowing) buy 1 each of the TV plossl's. They should work well on that scope and you will have a set of eyepiece to keep forever.

Get one (borrow) (11mm ?) and see how it works for you on the scope and if OK then simply get one at a time and if any appear on the used market try for them.

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