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Easy spots at 32-40 magnification

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Hi all.

I spent a little bit of time looking for Jupiter when the sky was last clear (January??!!). I found it and the moons but was just very bright and could only just make out the colouring as my scope only has a focal length of 400mm.

Anyway, my question is 'What deeper sky objects can be easily seen with a magnification of 32-42?' I've calculated that a 25mm eyepiece with 2x barlow will give 32x. 10mm e/p will give 40x.

I think i'm going for orion nebula and andromeda.

Any other good simple spots that anyone can suggest would be great.


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Hi Ian,

Not too sure about that, but i had good views of M42via binoculars, really clear, 17x50s. I find Orion an amazing place and always end back there!!

Can find Jupiter in scope with 25mm, EP, but with Light Polution etc it is a struggle, you possibly struggle the same.!

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Hi Ian. There's a huge number of objects that can be seen at low power.

The ones you mention, M42 & M31 are a good start.

Try M35 (Gemini), M45 Pleiades (Taurus) M44 Beehive (Cancer)

Double Cluster (Perseus) M81/82 (Ursa Major) Alcor/Mizar (Ursa Major)

All of these, and much more are good. How about getting 'Turn Left at Orion'

full of pointers to similar objects, available in many libraries.

Good luck, Ed.

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