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A proper Obsy!

yeti monster

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After contemplating allsorts of possiblities for an observatory, now that my 10" SNT is no longer Dob mounted, I stumbled upon this rather pleasing looking item on ye olde baye of fleas a couple of days ago:


Unable to resist it, and having arranged with the vendor a payment method, I placed my bid. Thankfully for me, I was the only bidder, although he says there were plenty watching it.

A pal on the classic bike forum believes it to be by Oasis Fibreglass, who have ceased trading.

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I 'won' it for 800 earth quidses, which was the starting price. After looking at the price of skypods and Ro-Ro prefabs, I decided that that was a decent enough price. I applied a 'cushioned' bid, in case someone tried to snipe (read: 'cheat') me at the last tick of the clock, but thankfully the astronomy Gawds were looking down on me.

As for transport, I shall be using this:

(awaits furtobuquette....)

at last... My 1983 Series III 109 FFR:


I'll remove the hood & sticks, make a couple of stretchers to bridge the rear tub, then, utilising my fine collection of ratchet straps and bungee chords, Robert, it transpires, is my mothers brother after all. As it's only about 30 earth miles from Castle Yeti, I'm confident that I can get it home in the same number of pieces as it starts its journey.

The Obsy will be located just to the left of where that bungalow roof can be seen, to the left edge of the photo, alongside the arena fence, giving me the best compromise of available sky, security and ease of access. I'd really like to place at the top of the winter grazing field, but the the local oiks and travelling asphalt engineers would be all over it like a rash on the first night, no doubt.

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You have a got a really good buy there! I think it is a Pulsar 2.2 metre. These were available in different colours and cost about £2500. I have the 2.7m version and love it. Good luck with the transport and lets see a photo of it in its new home.


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Looks like not only did you grab yourself a bargain but it's going to a good home also. I can't make a single st light in the LR pic. The great thing I found with a dome is you can position the opening just right to reduce any stray light hitting the objective of the telescope.

Good luck getting it home. Look forward to the picture update!


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Outstanding acquisition! Like everyone else, I've often talked of this, then seen the matrimonial Goddess frowning Her Displeasure :eek:, and abandoned the idea.

Still, like Moby [removed word] to Ahab - 'It tasks me!' and I will pursue mine awhile yet! :)

I'm glad you've got your 'whale' mate! It gives the rest of us hope!

And remember - the only way to avoid the cloud curse of new gear, it to post photos, Photos, and more PHOTOS!!! :rolleyes:


PS: Mrs. Yeti sounds like a keeper for sure!!! You are a luck man, mate!

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Try as I may, Mrs. Yeti is resiliently staying!

The 109 isn't such a bad ride, as it's FFR (Fitted For Radio) it has softer springs than the GS (General Service) models employed by the MoD. Plus, the springs recieve regular doses of motorcycle chain lube to keep them sweet. I carted my SNT-10 to wakefield last summer and the collimation was but a tweek out upon arrival, and undisturbed once I returned home.

Now to find them piccies....

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