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Hi res LROC link

Nick Smith

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Ive often wondered what a insane resolution full mosaic would be like, this is just a new level of experiance moving around the surface, my dongle takes time to catch up which is annoying. But thats to be expected. Thanks for the link Nick, ive saved it as a fav for reference. What would have been very useful, would be a function for left clicking the mouse to bing up crater names, and possibly information about size ect. Although im not too sure at what point of size the names of the craters could have been included. An immense task at smaller sizes for sure. But a breathtaking professional project. as was the Lunar world record a breathtaking amature one. I read the american amatures were thinking of doing there own. but that was some time ago and ive seen nothing since.

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The lighting angle is pretty good, but I am sure that some ridges or domes will not be as visible as they could be. I don't much mind if the clouds never go away, as people have said you coud spend days looking at it. It's going to be a very good resource for those people who want to check if they saw various objects.

We do live in fascinating times!


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Many thanks Nick,

This is an out of space detail !!! so incredible. The POW of the year!!! :)

I believe, that in a couple of years, amateur astronomers, with better ccd´s would capable to make that kind of detailed capture from Earth.

Regards, Luis

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