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my average eyepiece collection

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This is my average but better than standard eyepeice collection,this is going to have to last for now till i can afford the big boys stuff.

Dont know about the 4mm ortho circle T! should i keep it or not?

I Have a 5mm..

Tmb clones 5mm,9mm,15mm and 32mm celestron omni,4mm ortho circle T at front.

Thanks Gaz


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Your set is very good and will show you everything that much more expensive eyepieces do. I'd keep the 4mm Ortho. Optically it may be the best eyepiece you have, despite it's tiny eyelens and tight eye relief, and could prove very useful on nights of really good seeing.

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I agree with John

this is a really decent set of EPs. I have the same 4mm Ortho and the difference in mags between a 4mm EP and a 5mm is actually quite a lot with the average scope.

e.g. with a 1200mm focal length you'd get 300x and 240x

with both my scopes it would be 400x and 320x

keep them all and then if you feel the need buy others as time goes by to replace the ones you use most first.

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That set should kep you going for a while. I'd like to hear how the TMB Designed/Clones fare in the f/5 Explorer 200, I am looking at a few of the shorter focal lengths.

How's you're experience been with the 32mm plossl so far? I haven't yet had the chance to try mine yet due to all this recent cloud.

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