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I am NOT complaining


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No, I am not.

I understand fully that there are others out there worse off than me but after a week, something has got to give.

I have MS and last Thursday it robbed me of my vision in my right eye and left the other one struggling. The left part of my body has grown numb and now I am awaiting it's recovery. I have had such relapses in the past and they have all returned but I always have this gnawing feeling, "what if this time it doesn't"?

I know I shouldn't complain or think negatively and truly I mean that. The reason I am writing this is that with the zooming tool found on my computer, I can read the posts easily and view the pictures. This being said, this forum has become my eyes to the night sky until my eyesight returns to normal (and it will, I just need to be patient).

Many believe that the Internet is a tool for many malicious acts and I'm sure that in many ways this is true but in others,.. it provides a very needed service.

SGL Thank you. :)


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I'm truly humbled - here am I, and many others moaning about clouds when you've really got something to moan about and you aren't.

I can only truly wish you a speedy recovery and hope your sight improves soon - meanwhile stick with us here and allow us to be your eyes.

Sincere best wishes

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When I saw the thread title I thought this was going to be another complaint about the weather... I feel pretty humble reading your post Isabelle and although I can't pretend I understand what you are going through, I wish you a very speedy recovery and I feel very silly worrying about clouds.

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Oh sweetie major hugs xxxxxxx

I have written a few different replies but deleted them all as they just sounded so pathetic and I couldn't even start to understand what you are going through and so I will just send you a major hug.

Know we are all here for you sweetie and rant away to us if you want - we have big shoulders x x

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Hi Isabelle,

I can only echo the above posts, and wish you a swift return to health. There come along experiences in your life which sometimes make you rethink what is really important, and health is one of them. That along with family and good friends, who stand by you when the going gets tough.

Get well soon, your scope needs you! :)

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Hi Isobelle,

Thank you for your helpful advice in another post I put up earlier. It is particularly heartfelt given the message you've shared here.

Wishing you a full recovery and continued engagement and enjoyment from Astronomy and the SGL.

Take care,

Steve (Ceti)

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Hi Isabelle,

MS has affected my family so I understand how difficult it is for you.

I have just recieved my first telescope, so I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, as soon as I have any!

Hopefully you will have recovered enough to be enjoying the skies again before I do.

Very best wishes,


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Hi Isabelle, I also have MS.

'Mine' is primary progressive, so I won't have remission.

It makes me completely immobile & lots of other symptoms.

I know what you mean about the internet, it's a lifeline for

me too.

Relapses must be horrible, not knowing when they're going

to strike etc. I'm sure remission WILL come soon.

Has your doc given you any steroids to aid your recovery?

Wishing you all the best, keep enjoying SGL.:rolleyes:


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Hi Isabelle,

Relative Newb here buit just wanted to send big hugs across the pond from my family to you.

Have always loved your posts, its people like you that make this forum a community worth coming back to. They're a lifeline to those of us starting out on this long journey.

The interweb makes this wonderful globe a smaller place...

Here's to a speedy recovery and many hours more with your pooches under the stars.

Thank you :rolleyes:


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