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Finally got a scope!

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hi all. i've finally managed to buy a scope and am hoping it turns out to be a bargain. it's a bresser skylux 70mm refractor, brand new in box for £45...super cheap when compared to new prices elsewhere. ebay does have it's uses after all! now i've just got a few days of wondering if i've done the right thing while i await delivery! i've read good and bad things about the scope and the mount has had some good reviews. hopefully my punt will pay off and i'll be out watching the stars this time next week!

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Congrats on your purchase

Doesn’t sound like a bad little scope and its been bought up a few times on the forum before and from the sounds of it you picked it up for a great price

From what I have read it may be a good idea to keep your eye out for a couple of decent plossl eyepieces to replace the supplied ones which are not that great

Apart from that enjoy your new scope


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I had one for a while. Its a good scope for its size. Will give good views of the moon, the rings of saturn and the bright star cluster. Bright doubles will be good.

The 70mm will limit you to the hundred or so brightest DSO's but it will be a great starter scope for you I am sure..

Then one day sell it on again and upgrade..


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it's only a temporary measure really untill i can save some money for a nice big dob! just can't wait to get out there and track down some planets!

Have you looked if the dobs you're interested in come with EPs?

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