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My brother's telescope is so old I think Newton himself made this one!!

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Hi All,

Very new to astronomy and wanting to use an existing very old unbranded newtonian reflector 76/700 with my DSLR before investing in some serious equipment.

The telescope has a 0.965" focuser (unfortunately!) and I am now getting a 0.965 T-Adapter with Eyepiece Projection capability in order to get started.

I tried a 0/965" to 1.25" adapter but cannot get focus (only tried on terrestrial objects because of constant clouds). The focusser needs to go further in than I can go (probably the extra 1.5cm the adapter uses). Any advice on this would be most welcome.

So I would apprecaite any advice on how to get the best from this current telescope (I am researching a new one but want to use this one for sentimental and general testing reasons) for my Moon shot (Prime Focus, Eyepiece projection and a-focal) and other solar system observing/photographing.

I would also appreciate some names of companies supplying telescope parts (especially second hand as well as new please) as I would like to look into getting a new focuser for the telesope so I can use my new 1.25" EPs and filters and may need some other bits and pieces.

I am completely new to to all this (one week and counting!!) and I am happy to be told I am barking up the wrong tree or just plain barking!!

Thanks in advance guys.

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I would say that the cost of getting the bits and pieces for this scope you might as well buy a new one!

Am I right in thinking that it has a primary mirror of just 76mm?!? If so then I am sorry to say that this telescope is just junk! Buying anything to try and improve it would be like getting a V8 engine for a robin reliant. Save your cash and look at the cheap telescopes from FLO You can get a 130mm reflector for £155 that comes with a motor to help track the moon for your moon shot. You will probably need an adater for the dslr but these can be had for about £20-£30. If you decide you don't like astronomy you would probably get most of your cash back on the second hand market.

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Thanks for the replies so far.

I am not going to spend any real money on the existing scope apart from perhaps the new focusser second hand for around £10 (rack and pinion I think) in addition to the T-adapter and Eyepiece Projection Tube (£15) which I should get soon.

I have used it so far to see the Moon properly and managed to get some good a-focal images and videos. So the benefit against not having anything else yet is that I am getting exposure to the issues and equipment required for me to explore astro-photograhy and can take the time to spec up the right kit.

The scope has a lot of sentimental value (but I agree it is financial junk !) and I want to use it for a week or two to set up my astro-photography kit and just get a few reasonable shots whilst I spec up a better set up. But I am definatley going to buy new equipment in the short term - i just don't know enough yet. Once I have the new stuff the current telescope will still get use but by others mostly.

So any further input to my quest to get a good moon shot from this scope and my camera (Samsung Nx10) and continue to experience A-Focal (again) Eyepiece Projection and Prime Focus techniques would be appreciated. I will start another thread about new kit once I know a bit more!!

Thanks again.

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it is a section on the scopes'n'skies website where they sell off lots of old bits and pieces for next to nothing. It stopped for the christmas rush but has yet to start up again. There was plenty of 0.965" stuff on there if I remember rightly.

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