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Saturn 20 Feb - a colour sketch!!


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I was up with my dad in North Wales over the weekend. My 8.5" reflector is up there, and I remembered to take my EPs with me :)

Got out on Sat night / Sun morning for a few hours, and grabbed a really nice Saturn. Seeing was erratic IV to II. But in the steadier moments my view was simply awesome. Used x220 magnifcation and found that my neodymium filter added a superb level of contrast to help pick out details.

This is my first colour sketch!! ... and my first view of the storm area!!

8.5" x220 magnification

Neodymium filter

00.30 to 01.00

CM: approx 82 degrees


The NEB was a lovely dark feature across the disk. Noted that the EZ was quite dark and there was some subtle shading over the NPR, along with a slightly darker area in the NPR towards the preceeding edge.

The NTz was subtly lighter than its surroundings, other than at either limb end. The following limb edge revealed a darker bridge of material across the NTz, joining vertically to the NEB and NPR. On the other edge, a more dusky, less well defined shaded area existed.

With the rings I noted the Cassini Division, and a difference in colour either side of the division.

All in all, my best observation of Saturn so far this apparition :o

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Really good, colours are very, lovely.

I have been tempted to have another look at this storm recently, but your sketch looks a lot like mine from over a month ago, I guess it hasn't changed all that much. Was it easy to spot?

BTW I like your shadow of the rings on the disc.

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