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Standard Dob vs Flextube

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i was useing a skywatcher flexi tube auto for imaging planets. The light from my laptop was abit of a problem, had to turn it away which made it harder to focas the image. Had to do it at arms lengh!! but yeah, you can get a wrap around.

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i would recomend yeah, collmination wasnt really a problem, the truss locks into place nicely, cools down quicker and easier to pack away and store.

The only problem i had was with the focuser. wasnt very responsive with an imaging camera inserted. was a bit heavy and the focuser slips. This could be corrected easily with an upgraded focuser.

As far as the actual tube goes, yeah was great.

hope this helps alittle!

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Flextube is shorter but heavier and more bulky. Advantages are you can fit the tube in a large holdall and it goes in the boot of a medium hatchback. The shorter tube makes it easier to carry through door ways (not that i've ever carried a solid 10" through a door!).

Collimation is not too bad the secondary keeps in place and only the primary needs a tweak which only takes 30 secs, (even after transporting in the car).

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Again thanks for the advice, and the link to the q&a thread.

Still, plenty to think about. I'll have to have a look in the flesh to check out sizes.

But regarding collmination, it strikes me that could be an issue with what ever reflective type you are using and or who made the scope and on what day.

Like you really don't want a friday car for instance!

cheers Rich

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"you can yeah, but achiving a sharp focus is difficult when it slips about. can be alittle frustrating!"

Don't know if this will work ,but you could use a bhatinov mask to focus and lock the tube in place before mounting the camera - might be worth trying :)

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