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First ever Imaging attempt


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Hi all,

This is my first ever attempt at imaging. After months and months of issues i finally got everything to work together. So please be gentle with me as i know it's not great, but at least it's a start.

I only had about 30 mins of clear sky, so only managed to catch a few short Lum Subs, and I forgot to do matching flats, so apologies for the image looking a bit washed out, and the stars being a bit bloated.

Image details

Scope = Ikharus 102mm Refractor

Camera = QHY9

Subs = (5 x 60secs & 5 x 10secs)

Full Size Image Here



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Thanks for the kind words. whilst it's not the greatest first image, i'm happy it as i've finally got something out of my equiptment, after months and months of frustration and steep learning curves.

hopefully i can get some more clear sky to try and do a colour version of it soon.


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Hi Peter, it's a step in the right direction, but i can't do much more with the curves, as i had to loose a lot of data adjusting them to compensate for the fact that i didn't have a flat field for that image.

Once i get some clear sky, i'm going to try again and i'll use ccd commander to focus on a star then immediately slew to my light box to do a flat then back to the target. that should ensure that i get perfectly matched flats, then i can play around with the curves / levels to really bring out the detail

I guess the other thing that doesn't help is that the image is only (5x10s & 5x60s), so hasn't captured all the sensitive stuff.

When i get some clear sky i plan to get a mix of 10s, 60s, & 300s Lum sub then start adding in the colour then finally add some Ha making sure that i have focus matched flats for each set of subs.


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Hi Mark,

I gave up trying to use the TS-OAG, I found it too difficult. I opted for a much simpler approach of using a 50mm guide scope with a QHY5 coupled directly to the back of it.

this approach works well for me as you get a huge selection of guide stars, and i used the WO guide scope rings, which just clip. Very simple setup, very light and i've yet to see any flexure due to the scope being so small and light weight.

If i was to change 1 thing it would be the QHY5, as i've found it to be a little flaky in terms of drivers. At somepoint i will change this to a starlight loadestar or perhaps look at the skywatcher self guiding system.


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You finally did it Rich!! :)

How did you find the Ikharus in the end? Did you manage to do a star test? The stars in the image dont look too bad, a little elongated in places perhaps. Did you add the diffraction spikes in post processing?

Dont get too hung up about having exactly the same pinpoint focus for your flats, near enough is near enough, its more important to ensure the camera hasn't rotated, been removed/refitted etc, but you may need a set for each filter.

Looking forward to seeing more results from this tube.



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Thanks Digz.

Tim, i love the scope it's really solid and i love the focuser. I didn't add any difraction spikes to the image as the only post processing i did was to try and remove the horrible washed out look due to some haze and lack of flats.

Yes i did some start tests and they looked pretty good, i just never bothered to save them. once i rebuild my laptop i'll take some start test images and post them for you.

I'll also run ccdinspector over some test images and post the results.

The seeing was far from perfect, so i'm guessing the star elongation is down to that maybe affecting the image / guiding.

I tried to get an image last night but my laptop went into meltdown mode, so need to rebuild that and install nice fresh apps / drivers as i'm battling a lot with things crashing, in particular my QHY5 :)


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