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Baader Hyperions


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I'm contemplating buying a set of these ( If I can find a dealer that has the ones I want ) .

With my scope ill need to start from 8 mm I think.

For the price you seem to getting a decent EP . I can't see any threads or reviews so forgive me if I've missed them.

I would like feedback from anyone using them with a Similar set up to mine .


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Hello Super,

I have hyperions and i like them a lot, not sure its worth getting the whole range, Maybe something like 36mm, 24, 17,13,8 or whatever takes your fancy, i have the 36,21,17 and will probably get the 10, 13 and 24 at some point.

Great eyepieces that are very adaptable, the fine tuning rings are good but behave differently on each eyepiece so i wouldn't depend on them.

as always i recommend trying 1 before buying lots

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I have a C925 and a full set of the Hyperions and i am extremely pleased with them, not just the FOV but the overall qualit is superb and the eye relief is good too. They are also very practical i can change them out no issues with a pair of ski gloves on

deffo recommend...


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Rich I had the 8, 17 and 24 Hyperions which I found very good on the scopes that I had at the time. On your Meade at f10 they will be ideal. I still retained my Hyperion Zoom (Mk2) which I mainly use with the PST but I get good views of the Moon when I use it on my f7 APO frac.

As regards your choice of Hyperions I would start with the 8, either the 13 or 17 and then either the 21 or 24. I sometimes think we buy too many EPs. I know you can also buy the finetuning rings to change the EP focal length but in the dark I sometimes found this a bit of a chore.

If you are lucky Hyperions come up quite often in the sale section.


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I had the 3.5 mm, but it was too strong for the scope (LB16) to use sensibly. Didn't have quite enough back-focus travel so I always had to use it in the 1.25"-2" adapter to bring it out a little further. When the seeing was up to it (ie. not very often), it was a nice eyepiece.

I have the Mk.III zoom now, and that is also a good piece of kit. Well put together and decent optics.

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Heheh. Yes, I think, getting the set, might be a bit overkill (expensive). The 8, 13 & 17 are definite keepers, but I don't really have the scope (sic) for the 5 and 3.5 - Tho' the former might be useful in a quality, fast APO. With very narrow exit pupils (f < 8mm) I decided to get some HR (TMB) planetaries - I kept "loosing" the view, in the vast limpid pool of Hyperion eye lens! :eek:

The Baader Aspherics (31 & 36) are worth a look too - If you can't afford a Panoptic etc. <sigh>. Truth be told tho', the TRUE field of the 31mm, ain't that much different (subjectively!) from the lighter, OK-performing, 24mm. But, if you have a "chunky" 2" focusser, the mid-range, Hyperions in (physically solid!) 2" mode are hard to beat. :rolleyes:

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i also have 4 hyperions, 24mm,13mm,8mm,5mm they certainly good looking eyepieces.very nice to handle,nice rubber grips,fold down rubber eye sheilds,threaded as well to connect to a camera.tuning rings available to change the focal length as well.the price is competitive as well

i find them more contrasty than my televue plossl's,but not as sharp across the field of view though,but i do own a very fast scope (f4.8) which is less forgiving.

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Hi Dave,

If you look on the forum supplier section, you send them an email of phone them up and as long as it is not Skywatcher they will give you a discount code.

Obviously if you don't ask you don't get!

Best regards


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Can finally give you a visual report (x51 mag on the pentax).


The EP gives very clean pin-p'ricked precise stars. It's bright, contrasted but at the same time doesn't block the detail. The result is a mass of stars in the field of view with a clear distinct seperation.

I was initially concerned with the 13mm being a little too wide field, however the level of detail presented within that wider FoV (the pentax is 670mm fl) makes up for it. To the point I didn't recognise Pleiades due to the level of complexity and mass of stars.

Very impressed, I think a 5, 8-9, 17 and possibly a 20mm would give a nice range, although I would love to try the pentax with a 2.5mm (x151).

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