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Solar viewing


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I am interested in buying Baader Astro Solar Safety Film for my scope and wondered if I can then use either of my e/p once this is set up?

All I plan to do is leave the main lens cover on and take off the solar cap. The Baader paper will be placed behind this.

I've never tried solar viewing before so need to make sure I'm doing everything right as I quite like my sight.....

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I think you mean removing the small 50mm(?) cap on the main tube cover?

Providing everything is securely fastened to the tube and can't be easily dislodged... you'll be fine.

A piece of Baader Solar film can be taped on the inside of the main cover - just make 100% sure it covers the hole;) and is very secure.

You can use any of your eyepieces or even a webcam to image the sun's surface in white light. An additional light green or Baader Continuum filter on the eyepiece/ camera will improve the contrast.

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Hi Merlin, Yes I mean the 50mm cover. I was thinking of actually glueing / taping the film to the inside of the main cover. How often would I need to change the film?

Is it something that can stay for ever as long as it's not damaged or does it need to be changed after every use?



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If they are not mistreated, the filter will last indefinately.

Yes, but it MUST be inspected for splits & tears before EVERY use ... you really don't want to get an eyeful of unfiltered solar radiation.

The stuff is impossible to clean without damaging it (gentle puffs from a rubber bulb air blower will be OK) so try to keep it in a clean dry place when not in use.

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