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How about this for the next upgrade

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Very nice, I like the bit in the title 'Before you rush into the technical details, please take a minute to enjoy that first rush of pure desire!'

In my case it will only ever be pure desire, that beast is more expensive than my car, possibly my house!

If I sell my house wonder if I would have enought to buy this and a dome....... :D

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Read about these last year and that there's quite a waiting list for them...:shock:

Apparantly i'm No 47 on the list.....

Mr. Warthog will help me with my coat no doubt!

Negotiating with "Auntie Flo" As we speak.......

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You can't beat stuff that's covered in nice shiny metal...preferably anodised aluminium or titanium :D Just oozes class....

The mount looks the biz then you notice the carbon fibre....... :shock:

Times like this I miss my ETX - 70.....

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Showed this to my good wife the other day suggesting that a two bed tent will be fine! Anyway im home now, The sugeon said the splinters look like ive got hair now and should cover the dent from rolling pin :D Jeff.

Your wife still uses a rolling pin? You lucky, lucky man! Mine goes after me with a tyre iron.

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