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Time to start selling a few EP's.


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I have reached that point in my astronomy hobby where i now have more EP's than i can shake a stick at.

I have decided that the Vixen range(s) of EP's is the one for me and my budget (at this point) in my life.

Off the top of my head i have:

10mm,20mm that came standard with my Celestron 90EQ. (Cheap as chips)

10mm,25mm that came standard with my SW 130p Heritage. (Cheap as chips but slightly better then the standard Celestron EP's)

10mm,20mm that came standard with my Celestron Travelscope 70. (Cheap as chips but not too bad)

I also have all but the 4mm and the 32mm that came as part of my Celestron Eye Opener kit. (Pretty damn good EP's in this kit)

In addition, i also have a Celestron 40mm E-lux EP. (I just cant get along with it). I also have a NEW Celestron Omni 4mm.


30mm,25mm Vixen,8mm Vixen.

SO apart from my Vixen EPs................which of my collection should i sell?


If i DO sell ALL apart from my Vixens i will be left with 30mm,25mm,8mm and a 2x TAL.

So that will give me:30mm,25mm,15mm,12.5mm,8mm,4mm

I really think i need to sell off all my EP's apart from my Vixens.

What do you think?

I'm just wanting opinions now here. This is NOT a for sale advert that should be in the for sale section.

Basically should i sell off everything apart from my Vixen EP's to fund purchase of more Vixen EP's?

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