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Don't have a scope of my own yet :o but I found a decent book in the library that has help as a good grounding to work from when making the choice.

'Astronomy with a budget telescope' by Patrick Moore & John Watson. This book gave a good intro and gave an idea of the types of viewing available in the budget scope range.

I've also read 'Nightwatch' by Terence Dickinson. Another great read - easy to follow and a good staring point for all aspects of astronomy. Great tips on scopes too.

I still don't know what I'll get but I am starting to build up a picture of what I want to do and a list of possible scopes taking all the advice into account. No easy choice though and a few questions to the forum yet but those 2 books really helped.

Of course, there are loads more Astronomy books in my local library but some of the subject matter is a bit :) just now.

Hope this help out a few other beginners like me.

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It just depends on what budget you are willing to pay. Once you have a budget in mind, You'll know what scope to look at. Don't rush into buying one yet. As your interested in Astronomy perhaps find your local Astronomy group and go to a meet the members and they will let you have a look through their scopes, Then maybe you'll figure out what you would like to get.

Goodluck in your choice. If you do take it Astronomy up. But remember it can be an expensive hobby, So think wisely.

Read books is an excellent way to start, I have Turn Left at Orion, It helps you where they are in Space.

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Turn left gets great review on Amizon - think that will be my next purchase - bookwise.


Wait for the newest verison, I read somewhere that the newest verison is coming out March or April, However you can email Amazon and ask when the newest verison will come.

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Thanks Lurker. I wait for the latest verion (and the price to come back down a bit). As another thread mentioned, I'll probably get some "Amazon recommends" when it does come out as I once looks sideways at the moon! (Ok, bought 'Nightwatch') but you know what I mean.

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