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Rigel QuikFinder

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I got one a few weeks ago and really like it, though I've only used it once.

Combined with some telrad maps I saw more new objects than normal.

I would expect a telrad to be even more useful as it has an extra 4degree circle, but they are bigger and cost more, so it's a trade off.

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I love the Rigel. For me it makes aligning to stars really easy and quick, before I used to sometimes align to the wrong star.

We got the battery pack though don't use it at the mo as the standard battery seems to last for ages and they are fairly cheap to replace and it keeps the weight down. Not that the weight is a massive issue, I just like it being so light, easy to pop into pocket, etc.

Depending on your scope/needs, have you checked out telrads too?

One reason we went for Rigel over Telrad is that the Rigel is more compact, don't think we had space for a Telrad on the main scope we use it on

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Hi Simon

I have had both and like you use reflectors. the Telrad is very slightly heavier (although quite a bit bigger it's mostly air) but in truth there's not a lot in it as it's the batteries that weigh not the finder.

in use I found the Telrad much easier to use as for some reason. with me the eye placement was more intuitive. also you get the extra circle on the target to give more data. I sold my Rigel to buy another Telrad and have not regretted it once.

either one will do the same job but I just prefer the Telrad.

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