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Unsuitable mount?


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Tne telescope I recently acquired is a 250mm newtonian weighing inat around 16kg, on an EQ5 mount. The previous owner was clearly happy with this setup and it doesn't seem to have fallen over, so as a beginner I can only assume the mount is capble of holding the thing up OK.

However, I look forward to adding a goto system (synscsan?). I know it is possible to obtain an add-on synscan for this mount, but am concerned that it might not like all this weight.

I have been offered a different EQ5 with synscan already fitted (believed to be originally for a CG5?) and what looks like a half-decent field pier, at a price only a little more than a synscan addon kit. However, the seller won't wait for ever and I need to know (please) if this mount might be suitable or is a complete no-no.

Advice would be appreciated, asap pretty please.:)

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I don't think this mount (EQ5) is suitable for a 10" Newtonian Reflector to be honest. It will physically hold it but it really isn't up to the job of supporting and driving that size of instrument satisfactorily. For visual use only, an HEQ5 mount would be adequate but not ideal.

This is a big 'scope!

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You might get away with it for visual use - especially if you are not too demanding and use the mount features to keep your pointing updated.

Still, the mount will be a bit overloaded and will not be as steady as you might wish if: a) it is windy, :( you are at high magnification, c) seeing is bad (turbulent sky), d) you want to make a photo exposure over a few seconds long.

Still, some of us are not much fussed with the conditions above and focus on faint fuzzies at lower magnifications, and we just stay home if it is too cold or too windy :). As I say, if you are not too demanding of your mount, you can get away with it, or learn to live with it until you can afford to upgrade.... That's what our wives tell us to do, anyway! :o


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Who suggested wives might have a say?

OK, it's pretty clear from the replies so far that the EQ5 isn't ideal but it will physically hold it. Therefore I don't think I have a cat in hell's chance of persuading SWMBO to let me spend what I call big money on an EQ6, at least not in the foreseeable. So come what may, this scope is going to sit on the poor overloaded EQ5 for the present.

I suppose the main point I wished to clarify wasn't expressed very well. Given that this mount is undersized, will a goto system be unable to function (ie. are the stepper motors physically capable of shifting this monster)?

From what you are telling me, I ought to go for a bigger mount but the consequence of this would be a lot of expenditure for a lovely manual mount which will not give me GOTO . Very nice, I expect I'll do it in the longer term, but too much for now without getting a goto capability.

What I was thinking was, IF I can get away with adding a synscan to this size of mount, I could at a later date use it with a smaller second scope, get an EQ6 or similar, and then SWMBO and I could each have kit to look through.

So, what do you all think? Can I get away with it as a stopgap, or will it just not work?

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If you get the balance absolutely spot on (might need an additional weight) then the goto should drive it, but it will be very tentative and you may need adjust the weight for certain positions. There's a risk of over stressing the motors.

I don't know if you can disengage the motors and use manual slo mo controls - that would be a lot better. I'm talking about "observing use" though - I doubt you'd have much success with imaging.

I like your thinking about a smaller ota on it though - something like a short tube wide field appo in the future. With the goto you'd have the start of a v.nice little imagng system.

You could consider getting a dob mount for the big ota in the meantime. Sorry I can't suggest anything else but hope that helps :)

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